About Us

Welcome to MidStar LLC. We are located in the heart of Boise Capital and have been around since 2003. Our mission is to offer to our clients the best products and refurbishing services.


MidStar is a major wireless industry player. Through our relentless effort to source the hottest products at competitive prices, our customers have come to rely on us as their trusted supplier.


MidStar is not a broker. Our warehouse always retains a full stock of inventory, with thousands of various wireless telecommunication products available to our customers immediately upon request.


As one of the leading refurbishers, and distributors in our industry, we leverage our procurement capabilities to secure extremely competitive pricing, which we ultimately impart to our customers.


Proficiency, reliability, quick and efficient customer service; MidStar has a highly effective combination of professional staff and seamless ordering and inventory system to ensure results on all small or large volume shipments. Orders generally ship the same day via FedEx. Next Day Air service is available upon request.

Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment is to you, the customer. MidStar guarantees quality products, competitive pricing and timely service. Our dedicated staff will treat all of our customers with integrity and diligence, ascertaining the level of customer satisfaction that we strive for.

Our prices are highly competitive because through our wholesale operation we negotiate promotions and liquidation prices with our providers. This allows us to charge you much less than the rest of the market of cell phone distribution.

We constantly follow up with all our clients to ensure that their needs are satisfied permanently. Don't be surprised to receive more than one phone call from MidStar on the same week!

Part of what makes us effective and unique in the market is providing our clients with an open communication and negotiation channel.